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Corporate Training


Communicating for Superior Teamwork: Managing Your Communication Style™


with Steve Welland

Calendar Feb 21, 2023 at 8 am

This program explores the essence of teamwork - effective communication. It employs the DiSC® instrument to provide participants with a better understanding of communication styles while offering them expanded opportunities for team building.  

LiFT Leadership Series Spring 2023


with Steve Welland

Calendar Feb 21, 2023 at 8 am

LiFT (Leaders inspired For Tomorrow) is our Leadership Series conducted by Steve Welland. This link is for the FULL series containing all 8 classes we offer. The dates and topics of each class are below and will run bi-weekly on Tuesdays 8am-12pm. 


2/21/23 - Communicating for Superior Teamwork: Managing Your Communication Style

3/7/23 - The Principles of Authentic Leadership

3/21/23 - Communication Excellence: Managing Performance with DiSC

4/4/23 - Providing Feedback - That Works!

4/18/23 - Coaching for Success

5/2/23 - Giving Recognition that GETS RESULTS!

5/16/23 - Time Mastery Skills

5/30/23 - Successful Delegation

Principles of Authentic Leadership


with Steve Welland

Calendar Mar 7, 2023 at 8 am

Leaders in this session learn to demonstrate the five core qualities of leadership that will enable them to handle today's business issues head-on,  and a set of principles that will allow them to communicate effectively, provide open and honest feedback, and inspire passion and confidence in the people they are leading.   

Take Control - Reducing Email Stress & Overload


with Steve Welland

Calendar Mar 14, 2023 at 8 am

Do you often feel like you could spend your entire day responding to incoming email messages and still never keep up? Have you ever struggled to find that important email document or missed a deadline because the message simply got lost in the void of the inbox? Ineffective email practices impact productivity, teamwork and your organizations bottom line! From the minute to minute interruptions of today’s email systems to the loss of personal connections, our current email practices are a major cause of disruptions to organizational andindividual performance.


You have to stop the overload of email and learn practical tips and tricks to take back control of your email systems. Take Control – Reducing Email Stress and Overload is designed to teach research proven strategies for managing excessive emails, efficiently handling all incoming emails, writing effective emails, minimizing interruptions and utilizing all the tools built into your email program that you probably never knew existed!

Communication Excellence


with Steve Welland

Calendar Mar 21, 2023 at 8 am

Communication Excellence provides participants the opportunity to explore and accurately measure the interrelatedness of the different DiSC styles. Using the Everything DiSC Workplace profile, we explore the difference between our primary communication style and our leadership style. 

Providing Feedback - That Works!


with Steve Welland

Calendar Apr 4, 2023 at 8 am

Feedback, in its simplest form, is nothing more than information that brings attention to an issue or "potential issue". In this session, leaders will learn to open the door to a productive conversation formed around a mutual understanding of the issue, problem-solving, and the collaborative development of a plan of action. 

Coaching for Success


with Steve Welland

Calendar Apr 18, 2023 at 8 am

Coaching is the collaborative partnership designed to build the skills and competencies needed for individual, as well as organizational success. In this session, leaders will learn to help the employee gain the self-confidence to take on new challenges, problem solve and make effective decisions, and be able to take future action, with little or no input from the leader. 

Giving Recognition that Gets Results!


with Steve Welland

Calendar May 2, 2023 at 8 am

By using a successful recognition process, leaders can encourage individuals to repeat the behaviors that lead to positive results. Participants will learn how to best tailor and deliver recognition to the recipient for optimal results. 

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